Serbian ActJusters on the move

As part of our project in Serbia, we conducted local activities through the promotion of the project in order to increase visibility, held educations in the field of climate justice and presentation of the project in several high schools in the south of Serbia, as well as educations at faculties and in a center that … Read more

Climate Action Lab: Tons of ideas were flying around

Six groups of young people from different high schools and cities had signed up for the Climate Action Lab on Thursday and Friday, November 24th and 25th. An event held by ActionAid Denmark under the ActJust project. Here, the young people had to find local climate challenges and through the design model ‘Design for Change’ … Read more

ActJust policy hackathons are on track

Young people from all over Europe are organizing hackathons about Climate Justice, as part of the ActJust project, aiming to enhance civic and democratic engagement of youth at EU level. Until this day they have been organized 7 multi-stakeholder policy hackathons in 7 countries (Greece, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Lithuania, Serbia) in which almost 200 … Read more

This is our agenda and its youthful

Youth Agenda is one of the most important deliverables of the @CTJUST project, a project that aims to engage, empower and connect youth, both online and offline, through European action-led initiatives and digital youth mobilities related to climate justice. Youth Agenda presents the results of our discussions, our brainstorm session and our view on the … Read more

ActJust takes climate activism online to fight climate change

As youth activism increasingly moves beyond the physical and into the online world, ActJust has brought young climate activists from around Europe together through a series of online trainings.  In the era of covid, climate activists around the globe have been faced with a challenge: How do you sustain the public pressure on politicians to … Read more

Progression through participation

The ActJust project is a project about youth acting for climate justice by building a paradigm of online and offline engagement in covid era. Nowadays, digital youth work and mobility has emerged as a new trend / practice in the youth field, as the use of innovative digital forms of participation increasingly motivates the youngsters to … Read more