ActJust policy hackathons are on track

Young people from all over Europe are organizing hackathons about Climate Justice, as part of the ActJust project, aiming to enhance civic and democratic engagement of youth at EU level.

Until this day they have been organized 7 multi-stakeholder policy hackathons in 7 countries (Greece, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Lithuania, Serbia) in which almost 200 youngsters actively participated. The goal was to connect teams of young people with multiple types of stakeholders, ranging from national public authorities in the field of environment and youth, to relevant NGOs and youth organizations, universities, media organizations and foundations, so that they exchange views, discuss about policy solutions based on shared EU values and present their ideas for new projects on climate justice solutions. This goal is achieved.

In each, 2 days policy hackathon, young people had the opportunity, through several roundtables, mentoring and feedback sessions, to prepare their policy proposals for climate justice in different fields such as energy, food, trasnportation, education, migration etc. Furthermore, the networking with aforementioned entities, not only helped them scale-up their projects but also contributed to the discussions on future policy initiatives on climate justice.

Overall, teams of young people received the necessary support to present their ideas and articulate their arguments in front of the committees of each hackathon, claiming their participation in the European Hackathon in Vienna, Austria in February 2023.